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Beta   (22 / October / 2016)

The BETA phase starts on November 1 and ends on November 10. This is done so that test server and test thoroughly. If you find a bug, do not hesitate to report it to our official forum.

BETA PHASE EVENT   (19 / October / 2016)


As you know, all those items getting in beta will be removed for the grand opening. To reward the effort and encourage your participation in this important phase, we created a event where you can redeem achievements in points.
¡These items can be exchanged for some items in the oficial server!

To trade then, you need to log in at web, there you can keep track of every achievement in real time.

Normal Achievements
Normal Achievement
Event Points Reward
- Reach 100KK adenas 2 Event Point
- Reach 100 Gold Medals 2 Event Point
- Reach 100 PvP 1 Event Point
- Reach 100 Pk 1 Event Point
- Up to level 80 1 Event Point

¿What are the products i can get for my Event Points? (Server Live)
As you increase your Event Point, the rewards are unlocked

When you have 10 points unlocked -> 3 Giant´s Codex
When you have 25 points unlocked -> 50kk Adena
When you have 40 points unlocked -> 1 Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 76
When you have 80 points unlocked -> 5 Donation Token

Special Achievements
Normal Achievement
Event Points Reward
- Top 3 Online 3,2,1 Donation Token respectively
- Top 3 PvP 3,2,1 Donation Token respectively
- Top 3 Clan (LvL,Reputation) 1. Clan lvl 6 + 10000 Reputation points at opening
2. Clan lvl 5 + 5000 Reputation points at opening
3. Clan lvl 4 at opening


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